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Conflict management is about how you react and maintain assertiveness, how to defuse, divert or calm an individual who feels their needs are not being understood and addressed appropriately. We are going to look at some reaction and diffusion techniques that can be applied.

You must give positive reinforcement, each time the individual complies or does something that merits a positive word or encouragement.

Remember, to avoid Confusion you must talk in jargon or use complicated terminology, and you should assess the level of speech that is required.

You can also refer to past strengths or achievements, which means that if you've previously worked with the individual, this is when you would look back on times when issues may have been avoided or when the individual has shown composure and calmness.

However, try to avoid topics where you and the individual have reached Stalemate, although sometimes this may be difficult as the stalemate may be the focus of the individual’s complaint. Use of guidance and rules may help here as by doing this you are stating facts and these may be non-negotiable.

Give in if the Consequence of this can be dealt with when the individual is calm. By giving an individual time and space, this may help calm the situation, as sometimes backing down can defuse them. As long as the consequences are not detrimental or do not have a negative impact on others, sometimes yielding to the situation can avoid conflict.